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Our open positions:

Title Senior Project Manager
Start Date 2017-01-23
End Date 2017-04-12
Job Information

Senior Project Manager


SERVICE: Project Management

REPORTS TO: Technical Director


The Project Manager manages the overall project direction, completion and financial outcome and administers both the owner and subcontractor relationships for assigned projects.


  • Ensure a successful completion of the Project within the budget and on time
  • Ensure successful achievement of project mission statement and goals and be responsible for all day-to-day activities
  • Plan and analyze assigned projects, track schedules and project parameters and set procedures to accomplish system objectives, involving complex contracting applications
  • Review contracts by performing risk analysis and developing risk plans
  • Responsible for Receiving and qualifying subcontractor proposals: supervises work of project assigned staff, subcontractors and installers
  • Responsible for Preparing sub-contractor request for quotation’s (RFQ) including: scope statements; plans and milestone dates; specs; bonding requirements; and billing schedule of values
  • Responsible for planning and scheduling of all major activities of the Project
  • Responsible for all contractual issues related to the day-to-day running of the Project
  • Responsible for managing a project team
  • Responsible for project cash-flow management: progress billing, collections support and monitoring, and resource management
  • Responsible for change order management by recommending solutions, facilitating quotes and closing orders
  • Attend all project related meeting with Client/Engineer/Main Contractor and reporting back to the Technical Director
  • Maintain customer satisfaction by investigating concerns, implementing corrective action, and communicating with customers and assigned staff
  • Ensure all Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental regulations including Work safe and Employment Standards are met
  • Set-up QA/QC procedures and conduct quality inspections


  • Bachelor of Science in Electromechanical or Mechanical Engineering or engineering discipline
  • More than 7 years of experience in project management
  • PMP Certification is an asset


  • Proven working experience in construction management
  • Proven contract negotiation and management skills
  • Able to plan and manage a project schedule
  • Able to anticipate complications and solve them in a time and cost effective manner
  • Able to work independently and deliver on strict timelines with performance guarantees
  • Able to work as part of a team, think creatively, and problem solve
  • Able to work within an environment with deadlines while having to multi-task with multiple priorities
  • Competent in conflict and crisis management
  • Experience with sourcing, selection, and application of a wide variety of mechanical components
  • Experience in contract management, project scheduling software’s
  • Able to manage simultaneous projects


  • Frequent requirement for attention to detail; prolonged use of computer terminal equipment
  • International & national traveling
  • Work week-ends in case of need


This position is an office environment, with frequent travel to other locations (national & international), as needed

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